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Hi There,

My name is Michal, and I am a cybersecurity enthusiast. Throughout my professional career I have met some magnificent people who have insipired me to share my passion towards cybersecurity in this format.

I have started working in the field when it was more known as information security. The times have changed, so did the technology and so did we - people. Cyber is not only a fancy word for technology, it is the way we live today. We all use technology in the connected world - we all are cyber, even if you don't know it or want it.

Just like healthcare or education, access to cyber is now a right not a privilage, that is why I believe we all deserve to be secure becuase cybersecurity should no longer be a privilage.



Goldfinch is a very common bird that you can find all over the world. Very often these birds are kept in captivity because they look nice and sound very pleasntly.  I too was an owner of a Goldfinch. I was 7 years old and lived in a country in which you couldn't feel too secure at that time. That goldfinch brings me good memories from a place where security was a concern.

I hope that this title will bring you not only pleasant vibes from it's sound but also the comfort when security is everyone's concern.

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